If you’re interested in using dental implants to replace most or all of your teeth, you may be concerned about the expense, the length of your recovery time, and other factors. We don’t blame you! It’s a big decision. You’ll want to check out All-on-4 implants. Instead of using an implant for every tooth being replaced, your dentists will attach a complete arch of replacement teeth to just four implants.

With this technique, you will experience:

  • Minimally Invasive Procedure – Getting four implants is much easier on your jaw than getting the dozen or more that might otherwise be used to replace an arch of teeth in your upper or lower jaw. Your treatment time will be shorter, and you’ll find it easier to stay relaxed while we work. 
  • Option of a Same Day Smile – In many cases, it’s possible to get your implants and replacement teeth all on the same day. Our dentists attach an arch of temporary teeth to implants that you’ll wear during the healing process. You’ll be able to smile and easily chew food while you heal. 
  • Faster Recovery – Because fewer implants are used, you’ll recover more quickly from implant placement. It won’t be long before we can exchange your temporary replacement teeth for more permanent ones. 
  • Less Expense – The cost is also lower than other types of implant treatment because only four implants are needed. 
  • Easy Maintenance – The arch of teeth remains fixed in place. There’s no need to remove it for cleaning. You just brush and floss like you always have. 
  • Greater Enjoyment of Food – If you get an All-on-4 procedure in your upper jaw, your palate will remain exposed. This means you’ll be better able to taste and enjoy your favorite foods. With a conventional denture, your palate is covered by a piece of plastic.

Like other kinds of implants, those used for your All-on-4 treatment will stimulate your jaw while chewing, just like natural tooth roots. This keeps you from suffering the bone loss that occurs with teeth replacements like conventional dentures. 

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