We’ll Help With Your Aberdeen Dental Pain

If you’re in pain, then we consider it a dental emergency. Don’t delay – call our dental office now at (605) 277-9049 to get out of pain and save your smile. Drs. Drake and Fettig are ready to take care of your Aberdeen dental pain. We will:

Dr. Drake on being pain free
  • Help you relax and feel better soon
  • Offer you dental sedation with laughing gas or IV medication
  • Give you skilled, experienced treatment to save your smile
  • Make recommendations, if needed, to enhance your smile

Call us now if you’re hurting: (605) 277-9049. We will fit you in the same day so that you get the pain-relieving help you need. Our address is 1409 Sixth Ave. SE, Suite 8.

Dental Emergencies Can Be Scary, But We Are Here For You

Don’t risk your smile. Understanding the dangers of dental emergencies is key to making sure you see us as soon as possible for the care you need. Here are some emergency dental situations we have successfully treated for our patients:

  • Cracked Tooth – A crack in your tooth leaves it vulnerable to further damage. If the tooth breaks, you may need to have it removed. Dental crowns are a great tool to keep your tooth safe from further damage while giving it the support it needs to stand up to the biting forces in your mouth.
  • Broken Tooth – A broken tooth can put your entire smile at risk. While in some cases, a dental crown may be able to repair it, you might need to have it removed and replaced with a dental bridge or dental implant. The Aberdeen Smiles dental team can help you determine which action is best for your smile and will get your tooth repaired or removed quickly and comfortably.
  • Abscess/Toothache – An abscess is a pocket of infection within your gum tissue. If you don’t get it taken care of, you run the risk of damage to your other teeth, as well as other complications due to the infection. Let our experienced dental staff clear your mouth of the infection with a root canal and get you back to a healthy state fast.

Don’t suffer another minute with Aberdeen dental pain. Call us now to get the help you deserve: (605) 277-9049. Same-day appointments are available!

Call to Make An Appointment (605) 277-9049
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