Family Dentistry Includes Your Teens, Too (video)

When people talk about family dentistry, many times they focus on babies and young children. It’s just as important to remember the older children and teenagers have unique oral health needs, too. That makes it all the more important to keep coming to a trusted dental practice like Aberdeen ...

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Talk To Us About Overcoming Dental Anxiety (video)

Dental anxiety makes it difficult for millions of people across the United States. Fear of the dentist can prevent you from getting the care that you need and deserve for a healthy smile. At Aberdeen Smiles, we make your comfort a high priority along with your oral health. We also offer dental ...

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Recovering from A Tooth Extraction

A tooth extraction is a dental procedure that involves the removal of an entire tooth, including the roots. Generally, there are two kinds of tooth extractions — simple and surgical. During a simple extraction, the entire tooth is visible and somewhat easily removed. A local anesthetic is used to ...

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Change Your Life With Dental Implants (video)

Nothing makes us feel better than improving someone’s life. We’ve seen how life-changing All-on-4® dental implants can be at our Aberdeen, SD dental practice. Dr. Valerie Drake discusses this procedure in the video below. With just four implants, your replacement teeth can look and feel ...

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Getting Married? Make Sure Your Smile Is Photo-Ready

If you are planning on getting married this year, there is a good chance you have already put a lot of thought into making sure your big day is as perfect as it can be. There are many things to keep in mind when planning for a wedding, but have you given much thought to your smile? Your wedding ...

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In 2020, Come See Our General Dentists (video)

We hope you create many happy memories throughout 2020, and we hope you have a healthy smile to share that joy. If you are looking for a family or general dentist, we welcome and encourage you to make an appointment at Aberdeen Smiles. We offer a comprehensive array of services, and we put a ...

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Give Yourself The Gift Of A Straight Smile (video)

You may have finished your holiday shopping already, or you may have started making your list. Either way, we hope you remember to get something for yourself at this time of year. If you have been dreaming of a straight smile, you could make that happen discreetly with the help of Invisalign ...

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Enjoy Dining Again With Our Dental Implants

You can almost smell the food already. The turkey has been baking in the oven for hours. The casseroles and other side dishes are warm as well. The buttery corn on the cob is just waiting to be eaten, and don’t get us started on the desserts. Yes, Thanksgiving is one of our favorite holidays ...

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Be Grateful For Healthy Gums

As much as we look forward to Thanksgiving, many people get even more excited about the following day. Every year, the day after the holiday is … National Flossing Day! OK, we get it. You may not be as excited about this particular event as our team, but we do see at as a good reason to remind ...

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Enjoy Healthy Smiles This Halloween (infographic)

Happy Halloween from our team at Aberdeen Smiles! We hope you and your family enjoy the evening, including the candy you will bring home. However, we want you to keep enjoying many Halloweens to come, which is why we are offering a few tips to help you fight tooth decay, too. And remember, ...

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