Smile Again With A Dental Crown (infographic)

Have a broken tooth? A cracked tooth? A discolored tooth? A large cavity? A dental crown can repair your tooth and restore your smile. At Aberdeen Smiles, we use crowns to correct a variety of problems and bring back the full function of your teeth. Find out if a crown could help you or ...

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Schedule Your Back-To-School Dental Checkup

You are having a busy day already when your phone rings. It’s your kid’s school. According to the caller, your child has been in the nurse’s office complaining of a toothache. He’s missed multiple classes and barely ate any lunch. Immediately, you start thinking you need to visit the ...

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A Tooth Extraction Could Be Good For You

The memory is fresh in your mind. You were watching the latest summer blockbuster. Our heroes were preparing for the final confrontation against the main villain in the story. The tension was palpable in the theater. You grabbed a handful of popcorn. You bit down hard — harder than you ...

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Transform Your Smile With Teeth Whitening (infographic)

You can walk down almost any toothpaste aisle and find dozens of products claiming they will whiten your teeth. That may be true to one degree or another, but none of them will whiten your smile as well as professional teeth whitening. At Aberdeen Smiles, professional whitening is one of our ...

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Discover Your Reason To Get A Dental Crown

Few dental services are as versatile as dental crowns. You can get crowns for restorative reasons and for cosmetic reasons. Because of the advances in the materials used to make crowns, you can revive the full function of your teeth as well. Crowns have done so much for so many of our patients in ...

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Invest In Your Health With Dental Implants

From time to time, you have the opportunity to make changes that deeply affect your life. Believe it or not, deciding the kind of teeth replacements you choose is one of those times. At Aberdeen Smiles, we want you to have the best quality of life that you can. To do that, we want you to be as ...

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Spring Into Summer With Cosmetic Dental Treatments [Blog]

We love talking with our patients about their summer plans. And there’s always plenty to talk about: vacation plans, staycation plans, picnics and barbecues, weddings, reunions, and more. If you’re like some of us, you may be planning to spruce up your appearance for special events or your trip ...

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Could Your Symptoms Indicate Sleep Apnea? [Quiz]

Most people have a particular picture in mind when they think of sleep apnea. But consider actor Carrie Fisher or football star Reggie White, whose deaths were partially caused by complications from this sleep disorder. This condition can affect many types of people of different ages and ...

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Understand This: Fluoride Is Good For Your Dental Health [Blog]

These days, the truth is not always easy to find. Searching online for the facts about weight loss or keeping your body healthy can reveal a lot of false claims mixed in with real data. Sometimes, you have to rely on experts to separate the two. Unfortunately, a prime example of that is ...

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