Look Forward to Dining Out Again With Dental Restorations in Aberdeen

Everyone on our team understand there’s nothing quite like taking a bite of one of your favorite foods and letting its flavor fill your mouth. Over the years, we have used Aberdeen dental restorations to give a strong bite back to many of our patients. Here are some other benefits of restorative dentistry from Aberdeen Smiles:

  • Comfortable, relaxed meals without having to pick and choose from the menu
  • The ability to eat the same foods as everyone else at dinner parties and get-togethers
  • Better overall oral health and improved health overall
  • Improved digestion and fewer stomach problems

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Regain the Function of Lost Teeth With Restorative Services

Our dentists offer many types of dental restorations, each with the purpose of renewing your bite and improving the look of your smile:

  • Tooth fillings are among the simplest of dental repairs. You can take your choice of amalgam fillings (silver fillings) or composite fillings (tooth-colored). Either one will stop dental decay and help you chew easier.
  • For more extensive repair, dental inlays and onlays may be used. These custom restorations bond to the top of your tooth (inlays) or to the top and sides (onlays).
  • To completely cover a tooth to strengthen and repair it, a zirconia crown can be used. Crowns also make a great finishing restoration for a tooth that’s been repaired with a root canal.

We offer several options to restore missing teeth:

  • A fixed bridge contains one or more replacement teeth between two crowns anchored to your other teeth.
  • Conventional dentures replace either a partial arch or full arch of missing teeth.
  • For added stability, either of these restorations can be combined with dental implants. Implants are replacement tooth roots that fuse with your jawbone. To restore your bite and protect the integrity of your bone, we can secure crowns, bridges, dentures, or complete arches of fixed teeth to implants.

Call Aberdeen Smiles at 605-277-9049 to schedule an appointment to get back your bite. You can schedule online if you prefer. You’ll find a wide selection of Aberdeen dental restorations to help you chew easier.