Give Your Children Great Pediatric Dentistry in Aberdeen

One of the best gifts you can give your children and yourself is partnering with a practice known for its pediatric dentistry in Aberdeen, SD. Your children will receive compassionate and gentle dental care from our team. Your little ones can even have fun in our play area before their appointment. Here you will also find:

  • A dental team with years of experience keeping growing smiles healthy
  • Goodie bags for your children to take home after their appointments
  • Relaxing massage chairs and paraffin hand wax treatments for parents while you wait
  • A convenient location near several schools, including Roncalli Elementary and May Overby Elementary

For top-notch children’s dentistry, call Aberdeen Smile at 605-277-9049 today. Let us care for your favorite smiles in a friendly dental office!

Prevent Problems & Keep Your Kids Smiling

Our dental team is dedicated to keeping your kids healthy and happy throughout their lives. We will teach them the best way to care for their teeth at home, and we will monitor their dental health. We offer many crucial children’s dental services:

  • Teeth cleanings for their brightest and healthiest smiles
  • Dental exams to find small problems before they cause big damage
  • Tooth fillings to repair cavities and protect their teeth
  • Safe digital X-rays for a closer look at their developing teeth, roots, and bones
  • Tooth sealants to protect their teeth from disease-causing bacteria
  • Fluoride treatments to prevent cavities and even reverse early-stage decay

Get Great Care Started With Their First Dental Visit

Children should see the dentist for the first time by 6 months old or when their first tooth starts to erupt. At Aberdeen Smiles, we take this first appointment seriously. At this appointment, we explain what you can do to maintain your child’s oral health. We discuss the importance of nutrition, for you and your children. Your kids watch and learn from you, so we show you ways you can set a good example for them.

We can also help with:

  • Teething – Teething is painful for some children. Rubbing their gums can help them through the uncomfortable teething phase. We can suggest age-appropriate pain medications, too.
  • Thumb Sucking – If your little ones suck their thumbs for too long, it can misalign their front teeth. Talk to us about ways to stop this habit to protect their smiles and reduce the likelihood of prolonged orthodontic treatment in the future.

Call 605-277-9049 or schedule online to make an appointment for pediatric dentistry in Aberdeen, SD. The Aberdeen Smiles team will take wonderful care of your children and their smiles!