Could Your Symptoms Indicate Sleep Apnea? [Quiz]

Most people have a particular picture in mind when they think of sleep apnea. But consider actor Carrie Fisher or football star Reggie White, whose deaths were partially caused by complications from this sleep disorder. This condition can affect many types of people of different ages and ...

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Understand This: Fluoride Is Good For Your Dental Health [Blog]

These days, the truth is not always easy to find. Searching online for the facts about weight loss or keeping your body healthy can reveal a lot of false claims mixed in with real data. Sometimes, you have to rely on experts to separate the two. Unfortunately, a prime example of that is ...

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Custom-Fit Your Sports Mouthguard Today [Infographic]

There’s a good reason why so many schools and leagues now require athletic mouthguards. Sports are risky and can do a lot of damage to your teeth. This can obviously be painful, but it can also require many dental treatments to fix. But a generic mouthguard can fit poorly, distracting you from ...

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Gently Fix Crooked Teeth With Invisalign In Aberdeen, SD [Quiz]

It’s hard when you have crooked teeth in your smile, especially if you are an adult. Teens are the ones who need braces, right? But this is more than just an embarrassing problem. Crooked teeth can sap your self-esteem, damage your other teeth, and even lead to jaw joint problems. By calling ...

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Making The Right Oral Surgery Preparations In Aberdeen, SD [Blog]

Sometimes, you have small problems with your teeth. Cavities or stains can be corrected without too much fuss. But there are times when the problems are severe, such as an infected tooth or one that fell out. These need to be treated as soon as possible, as leaving them alone will probably just ...

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What Types Of Cosmetic Dentistry Can You Get Near Aberdeen? [Blog]

Have you ever worn an outfit that you hated? You probably felt self-conscious about how you looked, and that sapped your confidence. It might have made first impressions worse. That’s what happens when your smile isn’t as good-looking as it should be. Thankfully, there are many types of ...

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How To Improve Your Smile In Pictures This Holiday Season [QUIZ]

We get many patients this time of year who are concerned about their smiles for the holiday season. That includes embarrassment of getting their picture taken and – especially nowadays – posted on social media. Dr. Valerie Drake and Dr. Aleaha Fettig have many solutions for how to improve your ...

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We’ve Mastered The Art Of Putting You At Ease

Are you one of the many people who shudder at the mere thought of a dental appointment? If so, you have nothing to feel badly about. By one estimate, some 15 percent of the people in the United States have some level of dental anxiety. At Aberdeen Smiles in Aberdeen, SD, Dr. Julie Drake and our ...

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