How To Improve Your Smile In Pictures This Holiday Season [QUIZ]

We get many patients this time of year who are concerned about their smiles for the holiday season. That includes embarrassment of getting their picture taken and – especially nowadays – posted on social media. Dr. Valerie Drake and Dr. Aleaha Fettig have many solutions for how to improve your ...

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We’ve Mastered The Art Of Putting You At Ease

Are you one of the many people who shudder at the mere thought of a dental appointment? If so, you have nothing to feel badly about. By one estimate, some 15 percent of the people in the United States have some level of dental anxiety. At Aberdeen Smiles in Aberdeen, SD, Dr. Julie Drake and our ...

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Enjoy Thanksgiving with Dental Implants [Infographic]

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and we’re so thankful that you are our patient! We want you to be able to enjoy every moment of the holiday, but that’s difficult when you are missing one or more teeth. The solution is right here at Aberdeen Smiles. Dental implants are a secure, natural ...

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Understand the Risk of Gum Disease to Patients With Diabetes [Blog]

November is Diabetes Awareness Month, and we’d love to use this time to talk about your gum health! That’s right, gum health during Diabetes Awareness Month because the two go hand in hand. We want to explore why that is and help you understand what patients with diabetes are up against, ...

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Can Our Metal-Free Dentistry Restore Your Smile? [quiz]

These days, we no longer have to use metal for everything in dentistry. For example, Invisalign orthodontics don’t require any brackets or wires. Our crowns and bridges aren’t metal, and neither are our tooth-colored fillings. Modern metal-free dentistry at Aberdeen Smiles means you can get ...

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Don’t Waste Your Dental Insurance!

It seems like the holidays approach faster and faster every year. This might have a little to do with all the stores putting out their decorations earlier each year and TV following suit. More likely, it’s because we’re so busy these days that time seems to fly by. Before you get too busy with ...

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6 Signs You Should Go to the Dentist [Infographic]

There are many signs you should go to the dentist. Of course, you probably guessed that a dental emergency would qualify as a reason to see the dentist! But there are so many more reasons to have a good dentist on your side. That’s what our Aberdeen, SD dentists – Dr. Drake and Dr. Fettig – ...

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Dental Veneers Will Give You A Great Smile

Those perfect smiles you see on movie and TV stars? You’re likely not seeing their teeth – you’re seeing their teeth covered by dental veneers. Gorgeous, aren’t they? Now, not everyone wants or needs a Hollywood smile. But almost everyone has something about their smile they’d like to ...

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Are You a Candidate for Dental Implants in Aberdeen? [quiz]

In honor of Dental Implant Month, we want to make you aware of this incredible tooth replacement option. Dental implants in Aberdeen, SD can help you do everything you can do with real, healthy teeth. Dr. Drake, a Fellow of the International Congress of Oral Implantologists, is highly trained in ...

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Back-to-School Dental Cleanings Keep Kids’ Smiles Healthy

It’s almost time for the kids to head back to school. When you’re checking off their school supplies lists and everything else, don’t forget to schedule their back-to-school dental cleanings with Dr. Drake or Dr. Fettig. Our Aberdeen family dentists love seeing kids and will make sure their ...

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