“Oh, I hate the dentist!”

You have probably heard that or said that sentiment before. Having served the Aberdeen SD dental community for years, we understand that not everyone is a fan of dentistry. Some people are downright afraid of the dentist and avoid dental offices at all costs. There are a lot of reasons for dental fear, and at Aberdeen Smiles we help all of those overcome their dental anxiety.

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Struggling with dental fear

Dental fear is a widespread problem in this country. It’s estimated that about 20 percent of Americans struggle with dental fear, many of whom are so afraid of the dentist that they avoid the dentist entirely. We dentists have long battled dental fear. Patients can be fearful for a number of reasons. They have had a bad experience at the dentist. They feel comfortable in the dental chair. They don’t like the metal in their mouth. They are afraid of what they might hear.

One of the prevailing fears is actually fear of being lectured. Patients don’t want their dentist to lecture them about their teeth. It’s that simple.

At Aberdeen Smiles, we never lecture patients or make them feel bad about the state of their mouth. We are here to make you feel better about your smile. For us, it’s about giving every patient a positive experience. Some of you may need dental work, but that’s OK. We have the staff to handle those needs and can restore your mouth.

More than anything, we hate seeing the fear win. Avoiding the dentist out of fear will allow lead to more significant dental problems down the road. We don’t want that for you!

Resolving patients dental fear

The first step toward resolving dental fear is meeting with patients and being kind and inviting. We are comforting to every person who enters our office, regardless of their dental needs. Our staff is great at identifying nervous ticks and strives to make everyone comfortable in the chair. We have treated patients who were so afraid they could barely walk through the front doors, and now they are some of our best patients.

In the chair, we can help you relax with nitrous oxide to take the edge off. We can also offer special amenities like a massage chair and paraffin wax treatments. The paraffin wax treatments moisturize your hands and help you relax.

Of course, one of the best ways to resolve dental fear is to visit your dentist and become comfortable with the office. One we visit the office a few times — or resolve a few dental issues — you’ll be more at ease. This is one of the reasons why we believe it’s so important to make children’s dental care a priority. We recommend that parents bring their children to the dentist when they child is 12 months old, or around the time the teeth begin erupting. When a child grows up regularly going to the dentist, they’ll have fewer dental problems, and, of course, the dental office isn’t a scary place anymore.

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