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Tooth extraction in Aberdeen, SD from Aberdeen Smiles will make your smile healthier. Whether your tooth is severely damaged, decayed, or impacted, Dr. Drake and Dr. Fettig can help. Our Aberdeen, SD dental office handles our tooth extraction in-house, saving you a trip to a specialist you may have to wait months to see.

Get the help you need faster at Aberdeen Smiles. Call Dr. Drake or Dr. Fettig at 605-277-9049 to schedule your dental consultation about tooth extraction and get the care your smile needs.

Why Would I Need a Tooth Extraction?

Keeping your natural teeth is always our goal, unless keeping them will harm the rest of your smile. Here are some examples of times when keeping your original teeth is not what’s best for your mouth.

  • Tooth Decay – Tooth decay in one tooth can spread to others. While a tooth filling is an effective treatment for a small cavity, severe tooth decay can make it impossible for your natural tooth to remain in your smile. Let Aberdeen Smiles help you keep your other teeth safe.
  • Broken Tooth – A broken tooth is a dental emergency, especially so when it cannot be saved and needs to be extracted. Our caring dental staff will make sure that you are taken care of promptly so that you and your smile can recover quickly.
  • Crowded Mouth – If you have a small jaw or simply cannot fit all your teeth in your mouth, our dentists have the skills required to determine the tooth or teeth that need to be removed so that your smile can stay aligned.
  • Impacted Teeth – If you have a tooth that does not erupt properly, it is considered an impaction. This can be very damaging to your smile. Removing the impacted tooth will relieve your dental pain and keep your other teeth safe from harm as well.

Wisdom Teeth Can Cause Problems for Your Smile

Wisdom teeth (third molars) are the last teeth to come into your smile. They are an extra set of molars that come in at the back of your mouth, and they often cause issues as they come in. Wisdom teeth removal can be tricky, so make sure you are trusting a dental practice like Aberdeen Smiles that has the skills needed to make sure it goes smoothly.

Aberdeen Smiles Will Keep Your Smile Safe

At Aberdeen Smiles, our compassionate dental team will make sure your smile is safe with our tooth extraction in Aberdeen, SD service. Call Dr. Drake or Dr. Fettig at 605-277-9049 to schedule your tooth extraction  consultation today. You can use our online form to ask us a question, leave a comment, or even schedule your appointment on tooth extraction.

Dr. Drake is a board member of TSC Dental Hygiene School and previously served as a board member for the American Cancer Society.

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One of the best procedures that Aberdeen Smiles offer is dental extractions. This is such a great thing to offer for the paitients. They don't have to wait for surgeon; Dr. Drake and the team can do it right in Aberdeen smiles dental office. If the patient came with a toothache and they need that tooth to be extracted, the team can take care of it right away. If the patient is a little bit nervous, Aberdeen Smiles offer lauging gas to relieve dental anxiety. Watch Dr. Valerie Drake talks about Dental Extractions in Aberdeen Want to know more about Dental Extractions in Aberdeen, SD at Aberdeen Smiles ? Visit our website at or check out for more of our videos at our YouTube Channel - You can also like us on Facebook at Aberdeen Smiles 1409 6TH AVE SE, SUITE 8, ABERDEEN, SD 57401 Tel: 605-277-9049