You want to keep your teeth, yet there are times when you need a tooth or teeth removed to maintain your long-term oral health. If you or someone you love should ever need this service, you should plan to visit Aberdeen Smiles for your teeth extractions.

Here are a few reasons our Aberdeen, SD office is the right place for you to get this service:

1. We have an oral surgeon on our team

You don’t need to go anywhere else for your dental surgery. We have an oral surgeon on our team, so you know that your smile is in the hands of a dental specialist. This means that you can trust that we can take care of your problem as well as possible.

2. We can handle all kinds of extractions, including wisdom teeth removals

People need teeth removed for a variety of reasons. Taking out a problematic tooth can reduce crowding for its own sake or in preparation for orthodontic treatment. When a tooth can’t be saved with restorative treatments, removing it can create room for teeth replacements, including dental implants.

We also can handle wisdom teeth extractions at our office. Because these teeth are in the back of your mouth, the procedure can be tricky. This is another reason to visit an practice with professionals who have the expertise to handle this kind of procedure.

3. We offer sedation for pain-free service

Dental anxiety is a concern for millions of people. Many people are worried that pain going to be part of the process. At Aberdeen Smiles, we are doing everything we can to make your treatment as painless as it can be. With our dental sedation, you can have your teeth removed without feeling a thing. You may have some soreness during your recovery, but we’ll provide you with information and more to keep any issues to a minimum.

If you or someone you loved needs teeth extractions, please call us at 605-277-9049 to request your next appointment in Aberdeen, SD. You also can schedule online to set up a consultation.