In our last blog, we told you about National Children’s Dental Health Month and how we can help you introduce your little ones to taking good care of their teeth.

This may start early, but until they’re old enough to branch out on their own, the teaching doesn’t really stop. When your child reaches an age when they might need orthodontic treatment to get their teeth aligned properly so they can maintain better oral health, you still may have to give them the right encouragement just like you did when they were first learning to brush and floss.

After all, not everyone likes the thought of metal braces.

But showing them that modern orthodontics work just as well as the tried-and-true method of metal brackets and wires may help your child feel more open to visiting us for a consultation. We can talk to them about Invisalign, a faster, more comfortable way to straighten their teeth! 

With this simple and discreet clear aligners system, they can easily fit treatment into their lifestyle with minimal time to adjust!

Bring them in to find out if Invisalign is the right choice for your child! Call Aberdeen Smiles at 605-277-9049 to request a consultation or schedule online.