3 Big Advantages of Dental Implants

Do you know the advantages of dental implants? Unless you already have implants, you may not know a lot about them. But you should – especially if you have missing teeth causing problems with biting, chewing, and talking.

At Aberdeen Smiles, we have helped many patients smile confidently and enjoy meals again through the wonders of modern implants. Titanium implants essentially function as replacement tooth roots. Once our dentist places implants in your jaw, we can then secure a natural looking crown, bridge, or denture to them to complete your smile.

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Meanwhile, we’re going to tell you more about teeth implants and why so many of our patients love them.

Look Great With Your New Implant Restorations

The most obvious advantage of new implants is that they give us many options to restore your smile. If you have a single missing tooth, our dental team can secure a beautiful zirconia crown on top to fill in your smile and make chewing much easier.

If you need more than one replacement tooth, the options are wide open! With the technology of All-on-4® implants, we can place only four implants in your upper or lower jaw and secure a whole arch of brand new replacement teeth to them – the same day! All-on-6 implants are also available, using six implants instead of four.

We can also make you a new set of dentures that will securely fasten to your implants. If you’ve worn traditional dentures in the past, you’ve no doubt experienced the hassle of slipping and sliding dentures – along with sticky denture adhesives.

All that is a thing of the past with implant-retained and implant-supported dentures. We’ll attach your dentures to the implants with either a ball mechanism or a bar that runs along your implants. Your dentures will stay firmly in place so you can eat, talk, laugh, and even sing without worry!

Dr. Drake has earned a Fellowship from the International Congress of Oral Implantologists, so she is an expert on using implants to improve the smiles of our patients. She will carefully detail all your implant options and help you decide which one will work best for your circumstances.

Prevent Jawbone Loss With Implants

When we lose a tooth we can also lose jawbone. When the tooth is gone, so are its roots. And without roots your jawbone has nothing to stimulate it to create new bone tissue. Over time the bone will deteriorate.

As your jawbone continues to shrink, your face will develop a hollow, sunken appearance. Your facial structure is actually changing! Like it or not, you’ll look older and less healthy. Imagine if you lost several teeth to disease or injury. The long-term effects to your face could be significant.

Dental implants stop bone loss, however. After they are placed, your jawbone begins to chemically fuse with them in a process called ossification. Not only does the bone accept your new implants, it thrives on them! Your jawbone will maintain its density and strength just as if you’d never lost your natural teeth.

Our patients enjoy the bone-preserving feature of implants. For that reason, implants are a top choice for people who are concerned about their long-term appearance.

Enjoy Peace of Mind With the Durability of Implants

When thinking about replacing your teeth, you naturally want options that will last as long as possible. You don’t want to replace your teeth again in just a few years. Dental implants provide a long-term option for tooth restoration so you can relax without worrying about them for many years to come.

Did you know research shows that 95% of teeth implants will last at least 20 years? Now that’s a long time! Compared to a bridge or traditional dentures that will need replacement in less than 10 years, implants are a good investment in your oral health and beautiful smile.

With implant restorations, you can smile with renewed confidence. Imagine how your career and social life could benefit from your new smile and boldness! Plus, with a full set of teeth you can eat and enjoy whatever foods you like without worry. Try eating a juicy steak or crunchy vegetables with only a few teeth.

Your implants won’t require any special care or maintenance either. That’s over two decades with nothing extra to do! This is one of the big reasons our dental office has so many satisfied implant patients.

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