Oh, the poor, misunderstood root canal. It’s feared, it’s maligned, it’s become synonymous with a particularly miserable and torturous experience. So it’s not surprising that when most people are told they need one, they panic.

We have some good news for you. Many of the things you’ve likely heard about this dental procedure have no basis in fact. Here are a few common myths about root canals — also known as endodontic therapy — dispelled:

  • It is painful. This is a widespread misconception. In fact, if you have an abscess or infection, it will remove the infected tissue and end your pain.
  • It will make you sick. There is a rumor floating around the internet that the procedure makes you susceptible to illness or disease. There is no evidence for this. The truth is that it removes infection and bacteria, bringing your mouth back to health.
  • The treatment doesn’t last. Why bother, when you will just need your tooth pulled and replaced down the road anyway? Actually, the procedure may enable you to keep your natural tooth for life.

Most patients say that the root canal procedure itself is no more uncomfortable than getting a tooth filled. To learn more, call Aberdeen Smiles of Aberdeen, SD at 605-277-9049.

Determining if You Need Endodontic Therapy

The root canal procedure may be necessary if the inner pulp of your tooth becomes infected, you develop a dental abscess, or your tooth becomes cracked or broken due to decay or traumatic injury. If you begin experiencing tooth pain or sensitivity to hot and cold, you should call us to make an appointment for an examination.

The Procedure, Step by Step

You’re experiencing tooth pain, and have made an appointment at Aberdeen Smiles to get checked out. When you come to the office, Dr. Drake will take minimally invasive digital X-rays and carefully examine your mouth to find the source of the problem. If they determine a root canal is called for, this is what will happen:

  • We will numb the area with local anesthetic so you remain completely comfortable during your endodonic treatment.
  • We will make a small opening in the crown, or top part of your tooth. Through this hole, we will carefully remove the infected pulp from pulp chamber and root canals of the tooth.
  • Once the cavity is thoroughly cleaned, we will fill it with a biocompatible material so it is completely sealed off.
  • We will fill the hole with a temporary filling.
  • We will have a permanent dental crown crafted for you, which will be placed at a later visit.

We use modern rotary tools that make our endodontic treatments fast and comfortable. If you are apprehensive, we have dental sedation available.

If you are experiencing tooth pain and think you may be a candidate for a root canal or another of the dental services at Aberdeen Smiles, fill out our online form and we will get back to you. Or call our Aberdeen, SD dental office at 605-277-9049.