You can almost smell the food already. The turkey has been baking in the oven for hours. The casseroles and other side dishes are warm as well. The buttery corn on the cob is just waiting to be eaten, and don’t get us started on the desserts.

Yes, Thanksgiving is one of our favorite holidays in the United States, and the food is a big part of that. At least, it is as long as you can eat it.

For people living without teeth or with loose-fitting dentures, the Thanksgiving table might seem difficult. It can be frustrating when you know you want to eat something, but you aren’t sure if you can bite and chew it. After all, when you take a bite of that corn on the cob, you want something to chew. You don’t want to lose your “teeth” in the process.

If you want to be able to enjoy dining on whatever you would like for many Thanksgivings to come, then it’s time to you talked to someone about dental implants. In Aberdeen, SD, you should schedule a consultation with one of our doctors at Aberdeen Smile. Call 605-277-9049 today.

Pile Food On Your Plate

We realize a nutritionist isn’t going to advise you to overeat. And if we’re being honest, we recommend moderation. Yet, we understand that being able to eat anything you would like makes a difference in your quality of life.

Whether you want a piece of pecan pie, a thick, juicy steak, a caramel apple, or that corn on the cob we mentioned above, you should feel confident that you can take a bite and chew comfortably. Someone with a full set of healthy teeth may take this for granted.

No one appreciates how important teeth are like someone who is missing theirs. Coincidentally, this is part of the reason we strongly encourage you to maintain good oral care habits. Brushing, flossing, and visiting us regularly for dental cleanings and exams make you more likely to keep your teeth.

We also know that missing one tooth can be enough to affect how and what you can eat. Losing an entire row of teeth can make many foods too challenging to put in front of you. Implants can change that, so you can feel confident that you can chew the food in front of you.

Eat Comfortably & Confidently

Feeling confident about eating might seem odd to someone who has all their teeth. Nevertheless, we know that people who have loose-fitting dentures understand why this is a concern. When you aren’t sure if the next bite could cause your teeth to slip out, you can hesitate about eating many things.

Implants change that. With implants, you can trust your dental restorations will function practically as well as natural, healthy teeth. An implant can support a crown if you are missing one tooth. People who are missing multiple teeth can benefit from an implant-supported bridge.

Implant-supported dentures can help you feel like you’ve got a full set of teeth again. If you are interested in this option, be sure to ask us about the All-on-4® procedure. This technique can secure your dentures will just four implants, and it allows you to support a set of replacement teeth the same day you get your implants.

Give Thanks For The Food

When Thanksgiving rolls around again, be ready to enjoy every aspect of the holiday: family, friends, and the food. To get started on restoring more than just your smile, schedule an appointment at Aberdeen Smiles soon. Contact us online or call 605-277-9049 today.