Around Halloween, there’s always a rise in “scary” things. Horror films and spooky television shows seem to be more common. You may even dress up like a ghost, a werewolf, or a vampire.

While this is all in good fun, we know something else that puts a genuine fright into many people. Fear of the dentist affects millions of people, and by conservative estimates, as many as 1 in 7 people avoid dental care for this reason.

This also is why we work hard to help reduce and relieve dental anxiety for every patient who visits us in Aberdeen, SD. We have found one of the best things to help is building relationships. We would love to build a relationship with you, too.

The learn more about us, start by calling 605-277-9049 to plan a visit to Aberdeen Smiles.

Get To Know Us

When you come to our office, we make your comfort one of our top priorities. As much as we want to keep your teeth healthy, we can only do that if you come to our office. And you aren’t going to return unless you feel comfortable.

Our goals for every visit are to

  • Help you relax and even enjoy the oral care that you receive
  • Help you feel at ease about being in a dental chair
  • Help you build and maintain your confidence in your smile
  • Help you reduce anxiety so future dental visits are easier to handle

That last one is important for everyone involved. Dental fear isn’t going to disappear in a single visit. However, we have seen that people have become a little more comfortable with each cleaning or other treatment they receive from us.

As we get to know one another better, we build trust. When you find a general dentist office that you trust, that makes a world of difference.

Work With Us

No two patients are alike, but we do offer a variety of comfort amenities to make your appointments more pleasant.

We’ve watched how catering to our patients’ physical comfort can ease their mental stress. Our massaging dental chairs can help you feel more relaxed. A warm blanket can keep you cozy throughout your time with us. Many patients also enjoy the spa-like feel of our paraffin wax hand treatments.

It’s equally important that you let us know how you are feeling. If you are feeling overwhelmed or tense, we want to know. Making a change or taking a break could make your treatment more manageable.

We also know that isn’t always enough. If you think you might need some extra help, ask about our dental sedation. Inhaled sedation (laughing gas) blocks pain and has a calming effect. It works quickly, and it’s an excellent option for most procedures that we offer.

For more complex procedures, we make recommend IV sedation instead. This has the same benefits as inhaled sedation, but IV sedation is stronger.

Meet Our Team

You can learn to manage and even overcome your dental anxiety. Our team at Aberdeen Smiles has seen this happen with several of our patients. We can work with you to keep you healthy and happy, too.

Call 605-277-9049 or contact us online to learn more about us or to request an appointment with us.