Your friends at Aberdeen Smiles want to wish you and your family a Happy Halloween!

In the spirit of all things spooky, we’re sharing a retro PSA from the American Dental Association about the silent killer that lurks in the dark corners of your mouth.

It’s called gum disease, and it’s responsible for more lost teeth than any other dental problem you can face during your lifetime. One of the reasons it’s so dangerous is that it’s a rather sneaky infection, often reaching an advanced state before you can spot the signs at home.

That’s why you never want to miss your routine dental checkups with your Aberdeen, SD dentist! Only a trained professional can remove plaque buildup from your teeth and catch it early enough to do something about it before it threatens your oral and overall health.

A healthy lifestyle and good oral hygiene are essential in fighting gum disease, but your strongest weapon is teaming up with a skilled dentist to monitor your mouth for any infection and treating it quickly to keep it under control.

Don’t let this silent killer steal your smile. Call Aberdeen Smiles at 605-277-9049 to request a consultation or schedule online.