Many coaches have talked about the benefits of losing. Countless people have discussed the lessons learned from losses that allowed them to do better in the long run.

This may not seem like it applies to dental care, but removing a tooth or teeth may be exactly what you need to improve your oral health. At Aberdeen Smiles, we perform tooth removals when we know they can provide tangible benefits for our patients.

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Reasons To Get Rid Of Teeth

A vast majority of the time, we want you to keep all of your teeth for as long as possible. It’s why we offer different restorative services to repair and restore teeth whenever we can.

Even so, there will be times when teeth can’t or shouldn’t be saved. Here are a few instances when an extraction can be an addition to your oral health:

  • Decayed Teeth — As we noted above, we want to save teeth whenever we can. Teeth with decay can be repaired with fillings, crowns, and root canals. If the decay is too severe, none of those services may work. This would be a good time to remove the problematic tooth and replace it with an implant-supported crown.
  • Broken Teeth — As with tooth decay, you may be able to save your tooth with a crown if you act quickly. As with decay, a break can get deep and leave the tooth too weak to repair. Again, this would be a time to remove and replace the tooth.
  • Crowded Teeth — Crowding can create serious problems for how your teeth erupt. Crowding also can interfere with orthodontic care or make it more complicated than necessary. By taking out a tooth or a few teeth, you can simplify the process and get your straight smile sooner.
  • Impacted Teeth – When a tooth is impacted, it isn’t able to erupt correctly. This can increase your risk of tooth decay, infections, and pain. Removing these teeth can spare you from decades of trouble.

Stay Comfortable

We realize that removing a tooth can cause many people to experience dental anxiety. This is a type of oral surgery, so it’s understandable for anyone to feel concerned.

You deserve to know that your comfort is always a priority for our team. In addition to a number of comfort amenities, we offer dental sedation for our patients.

With sedation, you can feel confident that you can have a pain-free procedure. Since we offer both inhaled sedation (laughing gas) and IV sedation, we can help you find the right option for you.

Call On Us For You Extraction Needs

Our team has handled many teeth removals for many patients in and around Aberdeen, SD. We can help you and your loved ones improve and maintain your oral health. To request a consultation at Aberdeen Smiles, call 605-277-9049 or fill out our online form.