From time to time, you have the opportunity to make changes that deeply affect your life. Believe it or not, deciding the kind of teeth replacements you choose is one of those times.

At Aberdeen Smiles, we want you to have the best quality of life that you can. To do that, we want you to be as healthy as you can be.

And that’s why we offer dental implants for our patients who are missing teeth. Implants do things that traditional restorations can’t, which is why they can be an invaluable investment in your long-term oral and overall health.

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Stop Your Losses

Losing teeth is far more common than many people realize. Hundreds of millions of Americans are missing at least one tooth, and more than 30 million people are missing at least one complete row of teeth.

When you are missing even a single tooth, this can set in motion a series of problems that can lead to more lost teeth (as well as other oral health issues).

Let’s start with something you may notice, at least not at first. When you are missing a tooth, you also are missing the root of that tooth. Without a root to stimulate your jawbone, your body won’t create new bone tissue. That can lead to bone loss in your jaw, which can change the appearance of your face and increase your risk of losing more teeth.

Your remaining teeth also can begin to “drift” when you have a gap in your smile. This drift can change your smile and how your teeth fit together. Over time, this can make it more difficult to bite and chew a variety of foods.

With teeth replacements like full or partial dentures, you can fill the gap in your smile. This can help you restore the appearance of your smile, but it doesn’t stop the bone loss below the surface. This also helps to explain why eating with dentures is not as easy as eating with natural teeth.

Restoring More Than Your Smile

Implants were developed specifically to replace the roots of missing teeth. As such, modern implants do some important things. With implants, you can stop the bone loss described above, and you can bite and chew practically as well as you could when you had all your teeth.

Implants are placed in your jaw. This allows them to securely support your dental crown, bridge, or dentures (depending on how many of your teeth need to be replaced).

With your implant-supported replacement teeth, you will be stimulating your jawbone. As a result, you will be making new bone tissue, which prevents bone loss. The stability created by the implants also means you can eat the foods that you want and eat the variety of food needed to maintain your health.

Choose The Healthier Option

Dentures and bridges do offer some benefits, but you can make them stronger with dental implants. At Aberdeen Smiles, you can feel like you’ve got real teeth once again.

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