How long have you been unhappy about your crooked smile? How long will you live with the gaps between your teeth or the overbite that makes you self-conscious?

You can have a straighter smile, and our dentist office in Aberdeen, SD can make that happen. For many adults, Invisalign® has provided a convenient and discreet option for orthodontic care.

Today, we will be discussing how Invisalign works, and what it could mean for you.

But to enjoy those benefits, you need to call Aberdeen Smiles at 605-277-9049 or contact us online. Request a consultation with one of our dentists, and you could be on your way to a new and improved smile.

Invisalign: Orthodontics For Adults

Nationwide, an estimated 1 in 4 orthodontic patients is an adult. A big part of that is the development of new treatment options, including Invisalign.

In fact, Invisalign was created with adults in mind (although it can help teens as well). Many adults want to have straighter, nicer smiles, but they aren’t willing to wear metal braces — potentially for years — to get those smiles.

With Invisalign, patients with mild or moderate alignment problems can have straight teeth without distracting metal wires and brackets.

Instead, Invisalign uses a series of custom-fitted aligners to move your teeth gradually and gently.

The Advantages of Clear Aligners

The first benefit of Invisalign is the one we’ve hinted at already. Each aligner is made of clear plastic. When these aligners are placed over your teeth, they seem to disappear.

You will still feel the gentle pressure they are applying to your teeth, but few (if any) people will realize that you are wearing them. This means you can feel comfortable wearing your aligners in professional settings such as meetings with clients or customers.

It also means you can feel more relaxed about having your aligners on during social and personal situations. Whether you are meeting your friends to watch a movie, or hanging out with that special someone in your life, your aligners can give you peace of mind compared to braces.

You do need to wear your aligners most of the time for them to move your teeth, but you can remove them for meals.

Removability is another of the ways Invisalign is an improvement over traditional metal braces.

With braces, you are stuck with brackets and wires all day, every day of your treatment. This actually affects what you can eat. Foods that are hard or crunchy (peanuts, tortilla chips, etc.) can cause brackets to come loose or wires to bend. Chewy and sticky foods can cause similar problems.

With Invisalign, all you have to do is remove your aligner before meals, eat what you want, clean your teeth and your aligner, and put it back in.

And don’t overlook the fact that your aligners can stay out while you brushing and floss. This makes your daily hygiene routine much simpler as well. (Just ask someone with braces about flossing.)

A More Comfortable Way To Straighten Your Teeth

We also have to mention another big advantage of Invisalign. We described this treatment as gentle pressure earlier, but that’s only part of the story.

With braces, you are wearing brackets and wires on your teeth. Those brackets can rub against the soft tissues on the inside of your mouth. Some people find this irritating and painful.

In the event of an accident, your wires can bend or break. If they poke into your gums, cheeks, or lips, that too can be painful.

With Invisalign aligners you won’t have those concerns.

Each aligners is single piece of smooth plastic. There are no edges to scratch your gums. There are no wires or small pieces that could break and dig into the softer parts of your mouth.

Straighter Teeth Starts With You

Invisalign can close the gaps between your teeth. Invisalign can correct your overbite or underbite. Invisalign can make your crooked teeth straight.

But it can only do those things for you if you choose to make a change.

You have to decide if this grown-up approach to orthodontic care is right for you. You have to call 605-277-9049 or use our online contact form to let us know that you want to schedule a consultation.

At Aberdeen Smiles, we want every patient to have a happy and healthy smile. Invisalign makes it easier for you to have both.