Let’s face it, going to the doctor isn’t the first thing on anybody’s list. It can be hard to have a positive attitude about any doctor’s visit. Well, we believe that we are the Aberdeen dental office you and your family will love!

At Aberdeen Smiles, we confident in our ability to provide comfortable and gentle dentistry for people of all ages. It’s important to us that you feel at ease during your visits. This is especially important for children. A bad dental experience for a child can stay with them forever.

So, at Aberdeen Smiles, we have several ways to make dentistry fun for you and your child. Today we want to share a few ways we can make children’s dentistry fun and how YOU can make dentistry fun at home.

Bring in their creature comforts

Inside our office, we have a special section just for kids. This is so important because it’s the first thing kids see when they walk into the office. It’s their place to play freely, just like they would at home or daycare. We also have a wall of Disney characters, and we let the kids take pictures with their favorite characters. We encourage parents to bring their child’s favorite toys to keep them busy while they are having their teeth cleaned. It’s amazing to see how small comforts can help set a positive tone.

Get creative with brushing

There are a number of ways to make sure you child is brushing for We encourage our patients to make brushing fun for their children. We may not see brushing as a fun activity, but we can make it fun for our children. There many different toothbrushes on the market that have timers or play songs while the toothbrush is in use. Or, you can download a fun mobile app that will guide your child while they are brushing their teeth. Many of the parents we speak with have a lot of success brushing and flossing with their children.

Create incentives

We know it’s no picnic to get children to choose a healthy option. They rather have cake over vegetables. We have something that might help! Many of patients create incentives for their child when the child practices good oral hygiene — or choose healthy snacks. Some parents give their children rewards when the child brushes and flosses before bed or has a cavity-free dental visit. That can a visit to their favorite park, pool, or a special day with just mom or dad.

Introduce your child to dentistry early

We feel as though a child is more likely to be comfortable with the dentist the earlier they visit the office. The American Dental Association recommends that patients visit the dentist before the age of 1 or when the first tooth appears. We like to see children when they are about That’s a great time for us to monitor tooth development but also to acclimate your child to the dental office. The first visits are only about monitoring the development of the teeth and jaw. We’ll begin light cleanings and polishing when you child has more of their baby teeth.

What to expect from Aberdeen Smiles

Aberdeen Smiles has made a lasting impression on Aberdeen community in part because of our elite children’s dental services. Most of us on staff have children, so we understand how to make your children comfortable in the chair. For many of our younger patients, they don’t see us as a doctor’s office. You’ll often find us joking around with the children or even wearing special costumes to make our little visitors feel at home.

We’re not just here to prevent cavities either, parents! We can address issue like thumb-sucking or pacifier use. We want you and your child to be happy about a trip to the dentist. Together, we can give your child a beautiful, healthy mouth and set the stage for positive, life-long oral health habits. Give us a call today at605-609-1632 to book an appointment or use the online form to request an appointment.