Making The Right Oral Surgery Preparations In Aberdeen, SD [Blog]

Sometimes, you have small problems with your teeth. Cavities or stains can be corrected without too much fuss. But there are times when the problems are severe, such as an infected tooth or one that fell out. These need to be treated as soon as possible, as leaving them alone will probably just make things worse.

That’s why you need to call Aberdeen Smiles at 605-277-9049 and make a new appointment. Dr. Drake both have the advanced training needed to help resolve big problems with oral surgery. This can be relatively easy, especially if you follow these oral surgery preparations beforehand.

Preparing At Home

To help make your surgery as smooth as possible, here are a few things you can do at home before coming to our Aberdeen dental office.

  • Put cold packs in the freezer:There’s often some swelling after surgery. While pain relievers will definitely help, sometimes a cold pack wrapped in a towel can do wonders to reduce the swelling. Make sure you have some in your freezer before your appointment so you don’t have to go shopping afterwards.
  • Get some bland and soft foods: Of course you’ll need to eat after surgery, but chewy or spicy foods can cause discomfort. Go to the grocery store and get some foods that are bland and easy to eat like mashed potatoes.
  • Make sure you have books, movies, or shows to watch: You’ll need to rest up after you get home, which can be boring. Beforehand, line up some stuff to read or watch to help you pass the time.
  • Prepare comfy clothes and skip jewelry: There’s no need to “dress to impress” for your appointment. The night before, lay out some clothes that are comfortable to wear. Along the same lines, skip makeup or jewelry before your visit. Both can just get in the way during your procedure.
  • Review the dentist’s instructions: Don’t wait until the night before to read any instructions! Read them a few days ahead of your visit. If anything is unclear, call us at 605-277-9049 so we can explain what the dentist meant.
  • Avoid food and drinks 8 hours beforehand: Oral surgery is still surgery, and that means you will need to avoid eating or drinking anything starting eight hours before your appointment. You can still drink water, of course!

When Oral Surgery Is Needed

Why would you even need this dental procedure? Here are some situations where getting oral surgery might be the best treatment:

  • Impacted wisdom teeth: If a third molar comes in underneath the other molars, removing it might be the best thing.
  • Tooth removal: If a tooth is infected, a root canal can often fix it. But if the infection went untreated for too long, you might need oral surgery to remove that tooth.
  • Dental implants: Whether you need to replace one lost tooth or need All-on-4®to replace a full arch, dental implants are surgically placed in your jawbone so the replacement is sturdy.
  • Bone grafts: If your jawbone isn’t strong enough to support dental implants, grafting new bone tissue can help a lot.

Call us today at 605-277-9049 or use our online form to make a new appointment. If you have surgery upcoming, follow these oral surgery preparations to help make the experience as simple as possible.