Quit Smoking in 2023! Improve Your Smile & Overall Health

If you’re a smoker, you likely want to quit. Maybe you’ve even tried before. As your dentist, we’d like to help make 2023 the year you stop. You can improve your smile and your overall health by doing so. 

If you need some added incentive, check out this video that shows some of the results you can expect and when they will happen. For example, within 20 minutes your heart rate and blood pressure will return to normal. 

The video doesn’t mention it, but your dental health will also improve when you quit smoking. An obvious result of smoking is stained teeth. And nicotine stains are very difficult to remove. But smoking also makes you more susceptible to dry mouth, cavities, and gum disease. In addition, smoking is a primary cause of mouth cancer. 

We’d love to help you quit! Ask us for suggestions at your next exam. Use that “fresh mouth” feeling you’ll have after your dental cleaning as inspiration. Some other suggestions:

  • Get rid of cigarettes, as well as ashtrays, lighters, and similar items
  • Load an app to help you quit on your phone
  • Suck on sugar-free hard candy or chew sugarless gum as a substitute for smoking
  • Ask family and friends who are smokers to abstain when around you

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