Spring is a time of optimism, renewal, and rejuvenation. It’s a time to put the dreary winter behind us and look forward to happier, sunnier days. It’s also a great time to take a look at your smile and make sure it reflects the brightness of the season.

If your pearly whites are looking as dark and dingy as a weeks-old snowdrift, we can lift those stains and make your teeth beautiful once again. Lightening a stained smile makes you look younger, boosts your confidence, and complements your dazzling personality.

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Don’t Rely on Over-the-Counter Products

Maybe you’re wondering why you should take the time to come see us when drugstore shelves are packed with products that promise to deliver a gorgeous white smile. The reality is that these systems simply do now work well.

They contain less active ingredient than professional whitening formulations. Due to lack of results, you may be tempted to leave them on longer than advised, which can lead to pain and irritation. Plus the whitening trays are not custom made, so they may fit poorly and leach whitening solution onto your sensitive soft tissues.

Don’t waste your time and your money on ineffective treatments that will lead to frustration and not the white smile you crave. Only professional systems offer the right combination of excellent product and dentist oversight.

We Offer Two Convenient Options

At Aberdeen Smiles, we have two highly effective teeth-whitening solutions for your convenience. Both benefit from dentist oversight and both deliver fantastic results.

Maybe you have an important event coming up and no time to waste. Or maybe you’re just impatient for your bright new smile. If you want immediate results, our Zoom in-office whitening treatment is what you want. This popular system whitens your teeth up to eight shades in about an hour. We will thoroughly protect your gums and apply the powerful whitening solution. We will then activate the chemicals with a special light. We will repeat the process a few times, and by the end of your appointment, you will have beautiful white teeth.

Our Venus White at-home system makes sense if you want the convenience of whitening your teeth at home and are willing to wait a bit for your results. We will craft custom whitening trays that fit your mouth perfectly. So not only will they be comfortable to wear, but the gel will cover your teeth evenly and won’t get onto the soft tissues of your mouth. The whitening solution comes in more than one strength — which one we choose for you depends on whether you’d rather whiten your teeth during the day or at night as you sleep. The gel is mint flavored and contains potassium nitrate to keep sensitivity to a minimum. After a few days, your beautiful and rejuvenated white smile will emerge.

Ditch that dark, stained smile. Call Aberdeen Smiles to learn more about our fantastic professional teeth-whitening services and to schedule an appointment. Dial our office in Aberdeen, SD at 605-277-9049. Or fill out and submit our online form and we will get back to you promptly.