Summer Is A Great Time To Start Orthodontics

If you have a child who may need braces at some point, or if you have an older teen who has resisted wearing braces because they don’t want a mouth full of metal, now’s the time to visit Dr. Drake in Aberdeen, SD. 

No matter what your child’s orthodontic needs are, summer is the perfect time to start them on the path to a healthy, straight smile. That’s because they have enough time off of school in the next couple of months to adjust to their treatment.

For some, that may be getting used to space maintainers so that future treatment will be easier, or it could be as simple as starting a series of clear aligners that can straighten teeth in as little as one year. With removable aligners that won’t change their oral hygiene routine or their appearance, your child won’t have any trouble going back to school in the fall with clear braces no one can see and that fit easily into their busy lifestyle!

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