Valentine Candy Is Bittersweet For Your Kid’s Smile!

We might enjoy a few chocolates from a heart-shaped box from our sweetheart, but for the most part, our tastes have become more refined with age when it comes to Valentine’s Day gifts.

Kids, however, only have one thing on their minds during this candy-focused holiday.

It is all about the sweets!

As parents, we all relate to the struggle in times like these when you have to strike the right balance for your little ones between sugary treats and a nutritious diet.

Share this video with your kids so they can understand more about what happens when you don’t keep your teeth nice and clean.

Then be sure to call Aberdeen Smiles at 605-277-9049 to request an appointment or schedule online. Our Aberdeen dentist will make sure that Valentine candy doesn’t leave a bittersweet stain on your child’s smile!