The memory is fresh in your mind. You were watching the latest summer blockbuster. Our heroes were preparing for the final confrontation against the main villain in the story.

The tension was palpable in the theater.

You grabbed a handful of popcorn. You bit down hard — harder than you planned because of something unexpected on the screen. The pain didn’t hit immediately, but when it did, it was impossible to ignore. You knew the movie was nearing the end, so you took a sip of your soft drink, hoping the cool beverage would numb the pain a little.

As soon as the credits started, you bolted for the restroom. When you looked in the mirror, you could tell that you had a cracked tooth. An unpopped kernel was wedged in your mouth, and boy, oh boy, did it hurt.

It’s possible your tooth could be saved … it’s also possible you may need a tooth extraction from Aberdeen Smiles. Either way, you should schedule an appointment as soon as you are able.

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What Could Happen

In the scenario above, we would try to save your tooth if at all possible.

If the crack was relatively small, a dental crown could be a great option. By removing the part of the tooth that was affected by the crack, we could create an abutment to support your crown. This would restore your smile and your ability to eat without pain.

If the crack was deeper, a root canal could be necessary. Cracks in teeth can allow harmful bacteria to cause infections. By removing the infected tissue inside your tooth, we can sanitize it and fill it with a rubbery material. We finish the process by placing a dental crown to restore your smile.

If the crack is severe, however, it may not be possible to repair your tooth. That’s when removal is your best option. Our team understands that any oral surgery, including extractions, can cause dental anxiety. To help ease your mind, we offer spa-like comfort options and dental sedation. Whether you receive inhaled sedation (laughing gas) or IV sedation, you can feel confident that you will remain as pain-free as possible during your procedure.

Restore Your Smile

If your tooth does need to be removed because of a deep crack, a severe break, or a major case of tooth decay, it’s also important to fill that gap in your mouth. If you leave that space unfilled, your teeth can drift, which could change your bite and the appearance of your smile.

In modern dentistry, you can get a complete tooth replacement with an implant-supported crown. Root-form dental implants have been around since the 1960s. They have been an excellent replacement for the roots of lost teeth since the beginning, but innovations have made them even better.

With an implant to support your crown, you will have the closest thing you can get to a brand new tooth.

Win By Losing

When we recommend taking out one of your teeth, it’s because that tooth is doing you more harm than good. Getting a tooth extraction and replacing the tooth can restore your oral health and your confident smile.

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